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Video Text: Richard Bacon: So I feel the future should be not what the industry tells me, but the future needs to be the one that I’m going to set for the company. So that’s why I decided to be the first one in Ontario to have natural gas trucks. So I’ve made a personal investment on seven trucks. And those trucks are the ones you see here. These new trucks are $250,000 a truck. So that’s a lot of money, but it’s well worth it because of the savings. So the savings in the natural gas pays for the station and pays for these new trucks. The more we run these trucks, the greater the savings are and the greater the profit will be. So that’s why I’m turning our attention to going to natural gas. So we’re being a leader in the industry. There’s been some rough spots because we’re getting to learn it, to know it. But with anybody who plots a new field or pioneers a new idea there’s bound to be some obstacles that have to be overcome.

Aligning my company with Envoy Energy and ComTech Energy made my transition from diesel to CNG fuel a lot easier. They are a trusted partner and has allowed me to maintain a competitive edge as a small carrier.

Richard Bacon, President

Why Switch to CNG?

The main reason why Truk-King adopted CNG trucks was to eliminate emission controls headaches (after-exhaust treatment) as natural gas engines eliminates:

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) and Electrical Pump

Particulate Exhaust Chamber/Muffler

Auto/Manual Engine Regeneration

Engine Derating and Subsequent Breakdowns

Other reasons to adopt CNG trucks:

Fuel Cost Savings

Truck Maintenance Cost Savings

Differentiate from other carriers by reducing carbon footprint

Preliminary Thoughts on CNG

Positive Views:

Power and performance was better than anticipated

Customer interest and commendation for "going green" was surprising

Driver acceptance has been overwhelming

Easy to fuel and cleaner

Fuel and maintenance cost savings are more than offsetting the monthly truck payments and improving profitability

Negative Views:

Trying to understand how and why CNG "expands" and "shrinks" with temperature change

Lack of public CNG fuelling infrastructure in Canada